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Specialist Concrete Flooring Solutions

Vulkem Quick SIG

Specialist concrete flooring solutions from SIG's Specialist Concrete Products team


The unique fast curing PUMA liquid waterproofing system for pedestrian traffic systems such as balconies, terraces, pedestrian bridges and stadium decks.

The Vulkem® Quick Balcony and Pedestrian Walkway System is a unique waterproofing system based on a polyurethane modified methyl methacrylate. This combination assures that the finished system is rapidly ready for use and can also be applied during the winter period at very low temperatures.

  • Ready for use 1 hour after application
  • Applicable at temperatures as low as -10°C
  • High durability & abrasion resistance
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Crack-bridging at temperatures as low as -20°C
  • Decorative, with coloured quartz, flakes or colour
  • Works on concrete, asphalt, tiles, metal & wood
  • No primer required onto aged asphalt
  • Non slip surfaces


CDF Polished Concrete

System The CDF Polished Concrete System is a bespoke flooring solution that can be tailored to meet the demands of the project and budget. The system uses a number of innovative market leading products, which when combined make it suitable for use on a variety of applications. This hard wearing system can be utilised on high traffic areas making it suitable for industrial, commercial and residential use.

  • Hard wearing and durable
  • Minimal deterioration, no toppings to fail
  • Dust free
  • Low maintenance, easy to clean
  • Guards against stains and spillages
  • No tyre marks or rubber deposits left on surface
  • Highly reflective surfaces achievable
  • Impregnated demarcation and colouring
  • Excellent antistatic (ESD) properties
  • Finished to A1 FL European Class Fire rating