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SIG Assured

Do You Know Where Your Products Are Coming From?

SIG Assured

Sub-standard or non-compliant building materials can cause serious problems during and after a build, from annoyances such as defective render allowing damp into a building, to large scale disasters where inferior materials have caused a building to collapse.

To help combat issues like these and give customers the peace of mind that what they’re buying is safe, SIG has developed SIG Assured. SIG Assured gives customers confidence that products sourced and supplied by SIG have accompanying independently verified compliance documents for Reach, CE Marking, Explosive Precursors and EUTR, along with Safety Data Sheets.

Cheap, non-verified products can seem like a good deal but it is highly dangerous to use sub-standard materials on a build and it can actually cost lives. In 2013, the use of faulty building materials was one of the reasons that caused the Rana Plaza garment factory in Sava, Bangladesh to collapse, killing 1,127 people. Thankfully, disasters of this magnitude are very rare, but faulty building materials can often cause hundreds of pounds worth of damage on a build, create unnecessary delays and are dangerous to the people using the building.

With SIG Assured, issues like these can be avoided, as customers can use the online service to view up to date compliance and legal information about the suppliers we work with and the diverse range of products we stock. This means that you can be confident that if a product you purchase has the SIG ‘shield of assurance’ stamp, then the material is fully traceable and supported by independent specialist appraisal. All of SIG Construction Accessories’ products come with the SIG Assured guarantee.

SIG Assured is one of the many ways we are continuing our commitment to providing customers with a positive experience when they buy from an SIG brand, in this case by taking the hassle out of material regulatory compliance.

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