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Weed Barriers

With performance enhanced intrinsic strength, the Dupont™ Plantex® Platinium is resistant to the most aggressive weeds, including Japanese Knotweed, from passing through.

Dupont™ Plantex® Platinium, while providing an effective barrier against invasive plants, still remains permeable to air and water. This permeability of the layer ensures respect for the natural balance of the soil by maintaining its biodiversity. Balanced water conditions maintain soil stability and avoid land settlement, or for example, landslip. Moreover, the installer does not need to manage the drainage of the covered area or the hydrostatic differential pressures.

Resistant to
  • Japanese Knotweed
  • Giant Hogweed
  • Himalayan Balsam
  • Couch Grass
  • Marestail/ Horsetail
  • Reed & Giant Reed
  • Bamboo

Plus many more…

  • 35 year guarantee when completely covered (8 years uncovered)
  • 50 year durability certificate
  • Single application needed
  • Provides long-term protection of investment in solar energy
  • Offers an answer to the requirements of the EU regulation and UK HSE Chemicals Regulation Directive
  • Respects the natural balance of the soil
  • Unique intervention for immediate results
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Green in colour to naturally blend into the contour of the land when left uncovered

Solar Farms

Because of its durability (resistance to degradation by sunlight) DuPont™ Plantex® Platinium solution prevents any kind of vegetation to grow upwards and present a shadow upon the solar collectors, whether photovoltaic or thermal panels. The solar plant equipment maintenance is considerably reduced and solar energy can be exploited to its maximum.

Railway Embankments

DuPont™ Plantex® Platinium is the ideal weed control solution for steeply inclined locations or embankments alongside roads, rivers or railway lines. With performance enhanced intrinsic strength, it provides an instant solution.