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Grouts & Anchors

SIG Construction Accessories supply cementitious, polyester or epoxy products for alignment, levelling and gap filling purposes. The range of grouts and anchors available include solutions for applications such as crane rails, capstans, landing lights, under-rail pads, sleeper bearings, bridge bearings, balustrades, crash barriers, pump bases, sluice gates and much more.

We supply high strength and corrosion resistant anchoring and fixing products for use in concrete, rock, masonry or brickwork, particularly where speed of installation and early application of load is required. Our range of grouts and anchors includes products suitable for the anchoring of bolts, rebars and dowels, and for the fixing of cavity wall ties, soffits and walls, landing lights and threaded studs. The range we supply features a variety of materials for every purpose including cementitious solutions, polyester, epoxy, cartridge systems and capsules.